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Interpretation of a dream in which you saw Cross

Added: 02.17.2016
Until around AD 33, the cross was a symbol of punishment, as well as being a simple symbol of connection. Since that time, the cross has become a powerful symbol of religion, but it also indicates the challenges and tribulations that you face in life. The most obvious connection the majority of us make is with the cross on which Jesus died. If you are religious and focus on the pain and suffering of Jesus, the cross could mean that you feel there are great burdens in your life that are almost too much to bear. You are being crucified-tortured-for the things in which you believe. The pain is unwarranted but you bear it all the same, and are seeking for a way to handle your problems. Yes, there may be troubles, but if you approach them with a joyful spirit and optimism, you will find a path through them. Your dreaming mind is telling you that you have the spiritual strength within you to overcome any hurdle.

If you are not religious, the cross could stand for a power in your life over which you have no control or that is trying to influence you. It could mean that you have a certain path you wish to take, but that forces are preventing you from taking that path. The cross may also represent something in your life that is wrong or forbidden, or something you need to cross off a list. If the cross is upright as in +, this suggests correctness and self-assertion; but if the cross is in the shape of an x, it represents reaching out and wholeness.