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Interpretation of a dream in which you saw Swastika

Added: 02.17.2016
The clockwise swastika or hooked cross portrays all that is good and pure in humankind. In Eastern symbolism, it represents the movement of the sun. Moving anticlockwise, it suggests the opposite; all that is sinister and wrong with humanity; although Hitler and many top Nazis such as Himmler had an interest in the occult, it is not known if the choice of the swastika was deliberate or not. If this shape or pattern appears in your dream you may immediately associate it with Hitler, fascism or extreme right-wing views and your unconscious may be urging you to steer clear of someone with those kinds of beliefs. Bear in mind, however, that the ancient association of the swastika is far more positive and your unconscious may have been drawing on that. Swastika is a Sanskrit word that means well-being and to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains it is a symbol of good fortune.